Athletic Field Construction
Synthetic and Natural surface athletic field construction. JSM services specializes in building sports fields using the latest technology, experienced workers and unparalleled customer service.

Sports Turf Maintenance
Your sports turf not only needs to look good but it needs to perform well also. Our years of sport turf management experience has given us an edge when it comes to maintaining great looking, top performing athletic fields.

Roadside Mowing
With over 28 years of roadside mowing experience, you can count on JSM for quality, timely, professional roadside mowing service.

Chemical Mowing
Since 1997 JSM has been the leader in broad leaf herbicide applications on state right a ways in Florida. Chemical mowing is way for the state to kill noxious weeds that hinder the growth of desirable grasses.

Fertilization is one of the most basic and important components of a turfgrass management program. Our years of experience in fertilization and superior customer service will help keep your turf looking great.